Release Notes

This chapter summarizes the main changes of the releases. Please refer to the news section for detailed information about minor releases, release dates, bug fixes etc.

Release 8.0

Vedic Astrology

General Astrology

Uranian Astrology

User Interface



Release 7.0

Major Changes

General Changes

Release 6.0

Major Changes

Medium and Minor Changes

Other Changes

These features are not visible from the astrologer's point of view but have impact on development.

Release 5.0

Major Changes

Minor Changes

Release 4.2


Release 4.1

  1. Telugu language support.
  2. Improved location database, mouse wheel, double click, etc. are supported now.
  3. Support for Indian display of planetary positions (like 00-10-20 instead of 10-20 Aries).
  4. Suport for Legal and Letter paper format.
  5. Improved Sarvatobhadra (Unicode)
  6. Bugs of version 4.0 (Lagna Vimsottari and configuration errors) fixed.
  7. Compilation errors on GNU gcc 4.1 ("invalid extra qualification") fixed.
  8. Several minor changes.

Release 4.0


  1. Graphical Dasa view showing the Dasas on the time axis. This view allows to get a synchronous overview of different Dasas.
  2. New text view of Dasas showing Mahadasas and Antardasas in comprehensive tabular form.
  3. Entry charts can be created for the starting point of all Dasas.

Solar/Tajaka Chart

Solar/Tajaka charts are supported in Vedic and western mode. It is possible to create new documents based on Solar charts and to analyse them like normal charts.


  1. Graphical Ephemeris in different circles like 360 deg, 90 deg or Nakshatra view (13:20).
  2. Ingress Events of the planets are supported for signs and Nakshatras.
  3. The Krishnamurti view calculates the starting events of lord/sublord periods.
  4. Sunrise, sunset, sidereal time and Tithi (Vedic date) are supported.
  5. Lunar phases and start of Tithis can be shown in another view.


The printout is completely rewritten. Printout is done in PDF format and viewing/printing is delegated to the PDF viewer (like Acrobat Reader or xpdf).

Different printout types can be configured. This new feature allows e.g. a multi page printout with several Vargas or Dasas.

Partner Chart

The partner view supports the Composite chart. This kind of chart is based upon the midpoints of two charts.

Further Changes

Here is a list of further changes/enhancements since version 3.2.
  1. Russian language support.
  2. All text windows can be shown in HTML or plain text. Text export can be done in these two formats, too.
  3. Fonts and colors can be configured.
  4. Graphical Export of Charts: there are 3 new formats: TIF, PNM and PCX. The gif format has been removed.
  5. The main window list control can be shown in three different modes: Big icons (3.x style), small icons and report view.
  6. A context menu in the main window control gives access to several application commands.
  7. Several new house systems have been added.
  8. K.P. support for general Nakshatra Dasas (not only Vimsottari). This is intended to be an advanced research feature.

Removed Features

The following features have been removed.
  1. Narayana and Lagna Kendradi Dasa.
  2. Unusual Ayanamsas. Only the standard Ayanamsas are left: Lahiri, Raman, Krishnamurti and custom Ayanamsa.